Ciemiernik ( Helleborus ) korzeń cięty
    Ciemiernik ( Helleborus ) korzeń cięty
    Ciemiernik czarny ( Helleborus nigra ) - korzeń...
    Ciemiernik ( Helleborus ) korzeń cięty
    Ciemiernik ( Helleborus ) korzeń cięty
    Ciemiernik czarny ( Helleborus nigra ) - korzeń cięty

    Ciemiernik czarny ( Helleborus nigra ) - korzeń cięty

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    Helleborus - cut root (Latin Helleborus ). Hellebore is a plant that has been attributed with magical properties for centuries. It blooms at a time when all other plants go into hibernation. Valued in phytotherapy due to its properties. In gardening, it is used as an ornamental plant.
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    Helleborus - cut root (Latin Helleborus )

    Family: butterflies (Latin Ranunculaceae )
    Genus: hellebore (Latin Helleborus )
    Species: brown hellebore (Latin Helleborus niger )
    Other names: Christmas rose, moroznik, Christrose

    Raw material: hellebore cut root

    Plant description:

    Ciemiernikis a plant that in the old days was credited with almost magical properties. Primarily because the hellebore blooms at a time when the rest of the plants have hibernated long ago. The first flowers appear in November and bloom until April. The flowers range in color from white to green. It occurs naturally in mountain regions above 1900 m above sea level. It grows up to 30 cm in height. Hellebore is a plant that has long been valued in natural medicine, and we can often find it in gardens as an ornamental plant. This is a plant that the English are particularly fond of, and they often hang hellebore flowers over the door of their homes. Before hunting, the Gauls dipped their arrowheads into the hellebore decoction to ensure the success of the hunters. The hellebore is an unusual plant - the legend says, that the hellebore flowers had grown from the tears of a shepherd who was going to the stable to greet Jesus. The Shepherd cried because he had nothing to offer to the Child. Where his tears fell, flowers grew. That is why it is called the Christmas Rose.

    Properties and traditional use of hellebore:

    The hellebore root contains, among others cardiac glycosides, saponins and alkaloids. In traditional medicine, the hellebore root was used to make tinctures and infusions that were supposed to promote the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Hellebore is recommended for washing the skin in the event of changes such as acne, psoriasis, skin irritations or allergic eczema.

    Contraindications to the use of hellebore:

    Cannot be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. The hellebore orally may cause vomiting or diarrhea. Before use, it is worth consulting a doctor.

    Raw material for external use only for skin cleansing.

    Sources: in-phytotherapy /

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